3rd CEREC Ultimate Experience

  • 2018/12/14(周五) 09:00(+0800) ~ 2018/12/16(周日) 17:00(+0800) ( iCal/Outlook, Google 日曆 )
  • 華南銀行國際會議中心 HNBK International Convention Center / No.123, Songren Rd., Sinyi Dist., Taipei City 11073, Taiwan
  • CEREC Asia 艾瑞瓷數位牙科繼續教育訓練中心聯絡主辦單位

CEREC Ultimate Experience: CEREC's digital dentistry event, the biggest occasion of its kind in Asia, will include clinical education, hands-on workshops, live demos, clinic management and marketing, a dentistry exhibition, and an opportunity for countless fans of digital dentistry to meet.


The 3rd CEREC Ultimate Experience, which will take place December 14-16, 2018, is organized by the Taiwan Digital Dentistry Society, and co-organized by CEREC Asia. Over 250 attendences from around the world will be on hand at the HNBK International Convention Center (No. 123, Songren Rd., Xinyi District, Taipei City) during that weekend to participate in this far-ranging digital dentistry event.


A total of more than 14 topics in digital dentistry will be covered during the three-day period, and face-to-face interaction with 17 speakers and over 250 digital dentistry advocates will help you create your own digital dentistry. This event will be highly suitable for dentists, dental technicians, dental assistants, and clinic managers. Don’t miss this spectacular digital dentistry occasion—Sign-up has already begun!


CEREC Ultimate Experience


Agenda Conference 

Agenda Conference + Hands-on Workshops



Session Topics

How's your work with your CEREC, and what's the software you use?
This session will review and discuss all of the important difference and features from the old versions to the new 4.6 software. 
We will also show you the secret tips you can apply in your own practice with any software you like!
-Speaker Dr. David Shu 


The application of zirconia in dental prosthesis has a very important role in modern dentistry, but the low transmittance and poor color performance of zirconia ceramic crowns can only be applied to the posterior teeth or making framework. 
The development of the third generation of zirconia today makes the opportunity to apply a single layer of zirconia to the anterior teeth is no longer an impossible task. 
On the『3rd CEREC Ultimate Experience』, we will introduce you to the third-generation zirconia and its clinical application and case presentation in CEREC. You will learn about the powerful capabilities of this material and how it will help you break through the current dilemma of chair-side CAD/CAM restoration.

-Speakers: Dr. Jason Ho & CDT Licita Yeh

It is always handy for the masters using CAD/CAM; the same workflow may not be able to get the same result after actually using it.

What kind of links does the devil hide in the seemingly glamorous black technology?

We will from preparing, scan, to occlusion adjustment and polishing to view the details that are easily ignored throughout the treatment.

-Speaker:  Dr. Brain Lee

Did this ever happen to you: after using the CAD/CAM system, the final result just didn’t always look as nice as it should be.


Maybe even worse: sometimes the restoration still got some problems before or after delivery.


Suddenly, you lost your faith in cadcam dentistry, realizing that everything wasn’t as perfect as you thought before?


According to some studies and experiences, these problems may be highly related to your tooth preparation.


So in 2018 CEREC Ultimate Experience session A-2, we will talk about one thing only: preparation.


We will disclose the concepts of preparation in CAD/CAM dentistry that you should bear in mind in every practice. After knowing the principles, we will then talk about how to achieve those criteria in several easy steps. And lastly, what kind of weapon you should get in your hand.

-Speaker:  Dr. Will Kung


華南銀行國際會議中心 HNBK International Convention Center

No.123, Songren Rd., Sinyi Dist., Taipei City 11073, Taiwan


票種 販售時間 售價
【Super Early Bird】研討會/Conference 2018/03/30 00:00(+0800) ~ 2018/07/31 23:59(+0800) 結束販售
  • TWD$10,000
【Super Early Bird】研討會+實作課程/Conference + Hands-on Workshops 2018/03/30 00:00(+0800) ~ 2018/07/31 23:59(+0800) 結束販售
  • TWD$25,000
【Early Bird】研討會/Conference 2018/08/01 00:00(+0800) ~ 2018/11/16 23:59(+0800)
  • TWD$12,000
【Early Bird】研討會+實作課程/Conference + Hands-on Workshops 2018/08/01 00:00(+0800) ~ 2018/11/16 23:59(+0800)
  • TWD$30,000
研討會/Conference 2018/11/17 00:00(+0800) ~ 2018/12/13 00:00(+0800) 尚未開賣
  • TWD$14,000
研討會+實作課程/Conference + Hands-on Workshops 2018/11/17 00:00(+0800) ~ 2018/12/13 00:00(+0800) 尚未開賣
  • TWD$35,000